Thank You For Choosing Us! So, What’s Next?

Thanks for telling us a bit about your problem!
Once we get the text/email we’ll dive into it, and we’ll give you a call within the hour so we can get any final bits of information on the problem so we can get you taken care of! (We Usually Get Back To You Right Away)

With that said, here’s our phone number: 830-980-2479

Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions, and, make sure you have your phone near you because we’ll be ringing you to get a few more details so we can get you taken care of!

– Pilot Heating and Cooling LLC

Have questions? Great. We’re glad you do!
Here’s a few answers to common ones.

Who Are We?

Pilot Heating and Cooling is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning company and we focus on helping people with any problems or needs that have to do with those three categories. With no worries and no hassles!

How Does The Process Work?

First, we’ll give you a call to get a few more details about your problem. Just basic stuff, nothing fancy or complicated. Just enough info for us to know what we’re dealing with so we can fix your issue the best way possible.

Next, if you’re ready to move forward, we can schedule a technician to come out to the property and diagnose what’s wrong with your system.

Last, after figuring out the problem, we will provide you your options and you can choose what works best for you.

What If The Problem Is Too Expensive For Us? Can We Still Get Help?

Absolutely! We can help you with financing through a very reputable company that has great rates and payment options. This way our customers won’t be left without their heating or cooling systems. Especially that cooling system. We know how important that cooling system is here in Texas. 🙂

How Much Does It Cost To Work With Us?

$69.00 Flat Rate (Not Per Hr.) During Normal Business Hours (which are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.),

And $89.00 Flat Rate (Not Per Hr.) After Hours (which is 5-10 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m.-10 p.m. on Saturday & Sunday)